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2006 03 18
image What is your favorite new building?
I like buildings that aren't afraid to be new. I like Valerie Schatzker's house on Crescent Road in South Rosedale and Charlie Pachter's house near the Grange.
What is your favorite old building?
Colborne Lodge in High Park. Too bad the picturesque view to and from the lake has been sacrificed for an overgrowth of trees.
What is your favorite street name/ intersection?
Bloor, which I think should be spelled Bloore, or Eglinton which I think should be spelled Eglington.
Where is the heart of the city?
We each carry it with us.
What do you consider the most over-hyped place in the city?
Toronto doesn't know how to hype.
If there was one Toronto place that no longer remains that you could visit for an afternoon what would it be?
One of the Toronto Island hotels.
What is your most memorable event in Toronto?
Seeing my son off on the Ride for Life bicycle marathon.
What is your favorite urban walk?
I don't walk really but almost any outdoor cafe on a wide sidewalk pleases me.
If you could change one thing about the City what would it be?
Its weather
If Toronto was reincarnated as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
Avi Lewis
What building do you most dislike?
After all these years I have never grown to like the Convention Centre.
Who are your favorite designers / artists / architects?
Opera Atelier and the young architects who have not yet had the chance to build.
Which Torontonians are changing the city?
Hopefully, every new Torontonian.
Where would you most want to live, if not Toronto?
Montreal, Vancouver or Newfoundland.
Where would you most like to live in Toronto?
A place with a view of the CN Tower.

What should Toronto’s motto be?
Open to the world.

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