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2005 04 04
Ossington My Ossington - 6
imageI walked by, did a double-take and stopped. I couldn’t believe it. The primarily empty coffee shop and diner just past the drugstore at my beloved trash ridden intersection of Ossington and Dundas had been replaced by...a hipster bar. How did I know it was a hipster bar? The establishment posted no obvious sign – to the contrary, the small bar retained the retro sign of diner. This, coupled with the clusters of stubble-ridden trucker-hat wearing boys and girls chain smoking and drinking pints to the beat of a juke box programmed for Pavement and Pixies made it indisputable. And so it began. Soon after a new restaurant café that didn’t offer threadbare decor and collard soup. Eat, it was called. The first restaurant in the neighbourhood without a giant screen tv showing Euro-soccer and Brazilian soap operas. I started meeting pals at the bar – The Communist Daughter – and having brunch – brunch! – with Rachel at Eat. But I still slurped green soup, ate padash buns and deep fried cod fritter things. This was, after all, Ossington.
[email this story] Posted by Hal Niedzviecki on 04/04 at 08:07 AM

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