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2005 05 13
Ossington My Ossington - 4 - Reprised
imageBut Ossington changed as we changed. In 2000 we once again encountered the vagaries of landlord greed. Inspired by the Mike Harris government’s “Tenant Protection Act” our landlord had suddenly decided that his mother was going to live in our apartment – standard code for all I have to do is turf you out and I can jack up the rent thanks to the Tory government’s new laws. Having saved a surprising amount of money living in a tiny apartment for 5 years, we decided to buy. This time it was Rachel who insisted we stay in the neighbourhood. She had come to like the way the ladies at the bakery addressed her exclusively in European language that evoked red wine and sun-drenched oceans. We bought the smallest house we could find, occupied by a sombre Portugese family being supplanted to the suburbs at the insistence of the family patriarch, a fierce looking construction worker. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were part of a new influx into the community, younger educated hipsters taking advantage of one of the few liveable downtown neighbourhoods still relatively affordable. We moved two blocks west. I walked Ossington with a new kind of confidence – this is my neighbourhood now; my street.
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