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2005 03 31
Ossington My Ossington - 2
imageOssington. I assume it’s named after some quaint village in England itself named after some quaint English Lord (is there any other kind?). Our neighbourhood revolves around Dundas and Ossington. Here you get the street car east to Yonge and the bus north to Bloor. Banks occupy two corners, a community centre the 3rd and a small drug store the 4th. Stand on the corner and you won’t see too many English gentlemen. Old men push carriages of empties to the Beer Store just down the street, old ladies heft big pieces of dried cod and buy-5-pounds-get-one-free sacks of ground beef. On certain summer weekends, the intersection jams with strange parades: there’s the parade consisting mostly of flatbread trucks carrying not entirely sober fellows grilling sardines and drinking beer; the parade of souped up sports cars waving Brazilian flags and endlessly honking their horns; and a religious parade featuring children dressed in white waving crosses. It is all strange to me. I am an outsider. When I go the bakery they ask me what I want in Portugese and I’m too tongue-tied and flustered to point to the gorgeous rolls other customers acquire by the dozen. I blush and leave.
[email this story] Posted by Hal Niedzviecki on 03/31 at 08:05 AM

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