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2006 08 24
Open Spaces Around Dundas Square


In writing a story about Dundas Square for the Post's "Toronto Unbuilt" column (to be published tomorrow I think), I had the chance to look at the square's figure-ground relationship with other open spaces in the district. Open urban spaces are an oddity in that they have a paradoxical relationship with the city around them. For example, when we make an open space in an otherwise dense urban fabric, development and density increases around it. In spite of that, the end result is that pedestrians experience a subjective feeling of less density from having accessible space.

Take a look at this satellite image of Toronto's core area. Beginning at Nathan Philips Square then up to Trinity Park, through the Eaton Centre, over to Dundas Square and north across to Ryerson's Devonian Square, there is a sequence of open spaces covering a distance of some 500 metres. Most of us have taken that walk at one time or another. Imagine the same walk without that chain of open spaces.

Dundas Square is successful because it completes what is becoming an increasingly popular pathway through Toronto's core. Walk it next time you are downtown.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 08/24 at 01:04 PM

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