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2005 10 12
One of the Most Affordable World Class Cities
I'm continuing a theme that I explored a few weeks ago when Canadian Business Magazine rated Toronto near the bottom of its rankings of Canadian cities to do business in. The visceral reaction this kind of questionable analysis causes many Torontonians is enough to give us a collective case of indigestion. My previous story talked about how the Economist rated both Vancouver and Toronto in the rank of the world's top ten cities. Now another organization has put Toronto on a list of affordable cities. In fact, compared to New York, London, and other big cultural centres Toronto is down right cheap. Let's think about the issue. Livable = top ten. Check. Affordable = well below international benchmarks. Check. World class infrastructure = check. So, what is Canadian Business talking about? Maybe it's a manifestation of the parochial attitude that seems to permeate Canadian society and was most evident in Ontario's previous government. We seem unable to celebrate or even support our great cities. But this is changing and it is our cultural institutions that are leading the way. The ROM, the AGO, the OCA, and the Hummingbird Centre are re-imagining our urban iconography. Business has always followed culture - look at the developers who chase artists from one part of town to another. Maybe Canadian Business magazine should follow culture's lead and take some time to revisit their analysis of Toronto using the standards people from other countries use to judge us.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 10/12 at 12:06 PM

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