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2007 03 24
OCAD Hosts Mobile Nation Conference: Day 2
Leena Saarinen joins the Mobile Nation conference from Finland during the "Creating for the Multi-Platform Context" panel.

UPDATE: The conference is being streamed live at - http://www.ocad.ca/stream/mobilenation/

The first day of the Ontario College of Art and Design's "Mobile Nation" conference provided deep insight into the theory and practice behind the growing world of mobile communication. If you have the opportunity to come to the conference - which runs through Sunday - do it. Sara Diamond, the Canadian Design Research Network, and the Mobile Digital Commons Network have assembled a remarkable series of presenters.

The conference's sub-title is "Creating Methodologies For Mobile Platforms." The organizer's emphasis on design heuristics rather than, say, how to advertise to teens, sets this initiative apart from other digital-culture conferences. Many practitioners may find the topics to be either too abstract or too esoteric. While many of the discussions may be both, these are the ideas that will drive normative practice for the next generation.

Yesterday's top highlight? For me it was Professor Nigel Thrift's keynote talk, Halos: new apprehensions of political time and space. In that talk Thrift provided a philosophical construct to better understand the forces of what he calls, "Affective Flows."

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