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2005 11 03
Neighbours Make a Toronto Worth Living In
We love living in Riverdale. It's within walking distance of downtown. There are many parks. The bustling Danforth is a few steps away.

But amenities alone do not make a great community. The people do. So, every year we look forward to Halloween because the streets flood with parents and kids.

There is another reason though. Neighbours two blocks over take the time to close down their street to cars and they put on a show. This year it was Ghost Busters. Last year it was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Next year? Who knows?

Hundreds of people are drawn to this minor spectacle. There are kids everywhere. But I'm not sure if they are the ones who enjoy it most. The adults go wild - and not only because of the entertainment. No, they love this because it can happen here. We've made room for it. There are people talented and energetic enough to do it. There are people who appreciate and support it.

That's what makes communities worth living in.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 11/03 at 02:47 PM

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