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2005 10 21
My Favourite Chair

People often assume that I live with a lot of my own designs. I actually prefer to surround myself with an assortment of designs made by other designers and from different places and times. This chair from the Orkney Islands, Scotland is undoubtedly my favourite. It sits in my kitchen and is a loved spot for friends to sit over a cup of tea. The back is quite comfortable and wraps around the sitter creating a little cozy space.

I believe that this Orkney chair was made by D. M. Kirkness, ‘Joiner & Orkney Chair Maker,’ He built the wooden frames between 1878-1921 and employed local fishermen to make the straw backs in their spare time.

Photographs and information can be found in the book, English Vernacular Furniture 1750-1900 by Christoper Gilbert.
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