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2006 01 04
mss. communicate’s toronto tour - 3

Davisville & Yonge: Townhouse

Reena: When did you live in this neighbourhood?

Vicky: How many years ago was it now? 8 or 9? I'm getting so old. 8 years ago, this was the first place I crashed in Toronto. I had friends who had just moved in here from London. I decided it would be fun to hang out in Toronto and see what I might find. But, I started to run out of money and realized I needed to find a job.

Reena: Were you super broke?

Vicky: Yeah, I was totally broke. I couldn't even buy deodorant. Which sucked, because I wanted to feel respectable enough to get work. I had dozens of resume's but I stunk.

Reena: You couldn't stink if you tried, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh you're too kind. Obviously, you haven't been around me enough.

Reena: For me, Davisville reminds me of my grade 8 English teacher. He was the type of teacher who I thought lived downtown, but now I know it was just Davisville. One day after class, he gave me a worn out copy of Slaughterhouse Five. It changed my little mind and set me on a path of cynical anti-authoritarianism for life.

Vicky: Sweet.
[email this story] Posted by Vicky Moufawad-Paul & Reena Katz on 01/04 at 07:11 AM

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