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2006 01 06
mss. communicate’s toronto tour - 5

National Film Board, Queen & John Sts.: elevator

Vicky: I hate elevators, they're so coffin-like.

Reena: I love elevators! I feel like they're free rides.

Vicky: I hold my breath, and I stare at the numbers and wait with my heart pounding in my ears for the door to open.

Reena: It's like being at an amusement park in little microcosms all over the city.

Vicky: I fear it won't open and I will die in there. I'll be found a skeleton.

Reena: I've never been in this elevator before.

Vicky: Oh, I have. But only once. And after that, I asked them to let me use the stairs. The walls of the elevator are brushed metal with big bolts. It's very industrial looking and particularly coffin-like.

Reena: I like the bell sounds when we reach different floors.
[email this story] Posted by Vicky Moufawad-Paul & Reena Katz on 01/06 at 07:31 AM

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