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2006 01 03
mss. communicate’s toronto tour - 2

Bathurst & Wilson: No Frills Parking Lot

Vicky: This photo cracks me up! They're all beyond fertile and they're saying: "Why are you showing me birth control information?"

Reena: I think they need birth control information. Look how happy they are. They must need to know. I think they appreciate your open generosity.

Vicky: Damn straight. I'll sing it from the rooftops. That's how generous I am.

Reena: Now that I don't often sleep with men, I don't need to know as much about birth control. But back in the day, sitting in my mom's car at the No Frills, which was Loblaws then - I NEEDED all that funky info. I was feeling nauseous from taking the morning after pill the night before my 16th birthday.

Vicky: Yeah. See that briefcase? It's got condoms, the pill, and all that. If you look closely, you can see that they have formed a beautiful flower.

Reena: Remember when the older woman mentioned she no longer had a use for birth control? Ha ha ha.

Vicky: Yeah that was weird. I didn't believe her.
[email this story] Posted by Vicky Moufawad-Paul & Reena Katz on 01/03 at 06:04 AM

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