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2006 03 02
mountain building

I think the city could use a new land-mark. A mountain, maybe. Not a mountain like the one at Canada’s Wonderland or Disneyworld but a real mountain – made of real earth and real stone. It could be built from the earth excavated for new building foundations and clean concrete and brick rubble from newly demolished buildings could be used to stabilize the mountain – a little like the Leslie Spit, except vertical. It would be a mountain for everyone to enjoy, and would topographically link us to Montreal and Vancouver – closing the cultural divide a little. The mountain would be a park with plenty of trees and wildlife, hiking trails to enjoy, and the views from the top would be wonderful. Above all, the mountain would have to be able to be seen from everywhere in the city.

It would be a fun place, and if it was tall enough, displace the CN Tower as the tallest thing around. It’d be a new place, Toronto. [ Andre D’Elia / superkül ]
[email this story] Posted by superkul inc., a r c h i t e c t on 03/02 at 01:19 AM

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