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2005 09 16
More’s better
Dundas Square

Much has been said and written about the nature of public space as evident at Dundas Square.

More has been said and written about the hegemony of advertising messages in the public realm.

Rather than strive to limit the number of advertising messages, why not lobby for the inclusion of cultural content as part of this advertising infrastructure? The cost to build such infrastructure is prohibitive to most arts and culture groups and the audience available to view these venues is much larger and broader than that which most cultural institutions can garner. So why not be strategic and claim a bit of space on someone else's dime?

Programmes such as poetry on the TTC are a start but why not push for similar initiatives in outdoor advertising in the public realm?

I will be doing so in the next few months and will keep readers posted of my progress.
[email this story] Posted by Brad Golden / Lynne Eichenberg on 09/16 at 03:00 PM

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