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2005 04 09
More Than Just a Bridge / Urban Density
image(prediction in 1904 by E.J. Lennox, architect of Old City Hall, the King Edward Hotel, and other outstanding Toronto landmarks)
"What will the Architectural Appearance of Toronto be in the Year 2004 A.D.?"

". . . so great will be the demand that plans will be devised for using some of the spaces at the intersection of the business streets. The City Corporation will see the necessity to grant privileges . . . to build over and occupy these spaces, to assist in providing further accommodation. Great buildings will be erected, supported on archways springing over the roadway and sidewalks, so as not to interfere with the traffic, the adjacent corner blocks will be conformed to fit in and form in design a harmonious whole. These buildings, from their appearance and location, shall be called Great Tower Buildings, and they shall be built up to a height of many stories above the surrounding buildings, and of splendid design."

(E.J. Lennox - from an article in Toronto's Christmas Magazine, 15 December 1904)

Maybe Toronto is ready for Lennox's visions of bridging buildings marking major intersections?
[email this story] Posted by David Oleson on 04/09 at 05:38 PM

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