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2005 09 14
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original artwork


reconstructed artwork

In 1998, at the corner of Yonge and Dundas Streets, the Urban Design Department of the City of Toronto designed and installed an artwork celebrating Yonge Street as the Longest Street in the World.

As part of Cadillac Fairview's 2004 redevelopment of the Eaton Centre, the artwork required relocation. In order to maximize its accessibility to the public, the artwork was relocated across from the newly created public space of Dundas Square and in front of the new entrance to the Eaton Centre.

A recreation of the artwork was undertaken, first by creating digital drawings of the existing design and then by fabricating the bronze and stainless steel components.

The metal components: bronze city and town names, the bronze strip of Yonge Street and the stainless steel outline of the Great Lakes were levelled and grouted in place.

A special concrete mixture containing local pea gravel was used for the reconstruction. The artwork was given a high pressure wash to expose the pea gravel aggregate, giving the artwork a "geographical" texture. The areas of the artwork describing the Great Lakes were hand-stained blue.

The completed project is a welcome addition to Yonge Street and provides an artistic welcome mat to Eaton Centre visitors.
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