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2006 03 04
Modern Light
Crystal and light are natural partners in brilliance, and innovative technology. The magic created by incorporating a combination of crystal, miniature LEDs and fiber optics has resulted in a range of lighting effects that is seriously in demand for hotels, restaurants, spas and other public areas requiring a special ambience. Precision cutting, superior polishing and finishing create an uncompromising quality that guarantees the highest degree of brilliance and a fascinating colour spectrum. Although expensive, these advanced crystal lighting solutions enhance living spaces with pools of soothing light. Bathrooms and wellness areas in resorts and hotels are refined by using these lighting effects.
As seen at the interior design show, one crystal lighting designer in top form at the moment is Lolli e Memmoli by Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli, acclaimed international masters of modern chandelier design. Some may go as far as saying their style imitates a modern Deco than Rococo but truthfully they are strongly inspired by the Venetian tradition making liberal use of 21st century colours and shapes. For over a decade now, they have enhanced public and private spaces around the world with their splendid creations.

Ugolino design Ivan Lolli, Mario Memmoli. Steel structure supports aquamarine crystals, completely assembled by hand. Dimensions 130x130 cm. Available in either square or circular versions, and many colour combinations.
Ariel design Ivan Lolli, Mario Memmoli. Features bohemian crystals and is available with transparent or coloured crystals.
Available via 435 King Street West Toronto

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