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2006 01 20
mod tots
Live in a uber cool downtown condo? Have the life of sophisticated loft living? Maybe you broke the bank of the perfect bungalow nestled next to the park and recently gutted the place to create a gallery like setting for your entire Herman Miller repertoire........then baby comes along. And there is baby paraphernalia all around!

Need a tip? A dark secret for kid-filled modern living: get some decent designed stuff from IKEA. So here's the secret: blow your wad on a couple of expensive pieces: crib, stroller, vintage knoll credenza [i said a couple pieces, lord knows anything for baby is expensive], then outfit the rest from the ‘big blue box ’. Try it at home with these pieces…….

ikea ps vagga rocker Designer: Åsa Andblad $90.00 [plus you will need the ikea ps vagga rocker pad price unkown]

rusig rocker Designer: Henrik Preutz $12.99

duketig plates set of 24 pieces new Designer: IKEA of Sweden $14.99

ekorre hanging seat Designer: Jan Dranger/Jon Eliason $34.99 [plus you will need the ekorre hanging hook $19.99 and the saggosten air element Designer: Jan Dranger $15.99]

mala easel IKEA of Sweden $46.99

Put it into the mix with the rest of your modern pieces. Smart design for kids – find the adult in the child and the child in the adult. Make time to cocoon with your kids, grab a few toys and travel to distant places simply by using your imaginations.
[email this story] Posted by Jules Morielli on 01/20 at 07:39 PM

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