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2005 07 20
Lighting Toronto
A Canadian company is a world leader in low cost, high efficiency solar powered lighting technology. Victoria, B.C.'s Carmanah Technologies Inc. produces lighting systems used in thousands of critical applications. One of their product lines, i-SHELTER, will begin powering three-hundred and fifty transit shelters across Toronto later this summer.

"When we talk about alternative energy and transportation, most people think of changing the way we power vehicles," says Carmanah's CEO, Art Aylesworth. "But solar- powered transit lighting is a cost-effective alternative; it consumes no electricity and - by encouraging people to ride transit - it cuts vehicle emissions."

Toronto's use of the i-SHELTER(TM) fits with Ontario's overall environmental agenda. The provincial government plans to curb electricity consumption by 5% by the year 2007, while the City of Toronto has committed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20% from 1990 levels.

Toronto Transit joins about sixty other transit systems in adopting the energy efficient technology.
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