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2006 10 17
Leaving Toronto: A Public Transit Story
I am on my way to New York to present at an urban design and sustainability symposium hosted by the United Nations.

I decided to take the only mass transit option to get to the airport rather than take a cab. I hiked to the TTC subway station and had a relatively easy 23 minute ride to Kipling station. Then things got funky. Instead of the 192 "Express" bus arriving on time, it was ten minutes late. One normal city bus connects the subway to Canada's biggest airport. It runs every twenty minutes. Sort of. There wasn't room for one additional passenger and their bags when the bus left.

Can you imagine if London, England or Paris offered similar system? Not easily. This is why Porter Air is allowed to exist. people have no faith in our public infrastructure and, if today's experience is an indication, it is understandable.

Think of how fewer taxis would be polluting our air if we could do something as simple as having a real express bus system leaving the Kipling station every five minutes. It would be an inexpensive solution to a grave problem. Even if it cost $5 more I know many people would pay if, only if, they could depend on it.

This Thursday evening I am moderating a panel (see Sunday's posting) with some local politicians. While the panel is not about our transit system per, it is about community development. Without a sustainable, effective transit system community development in our city will always be an illusion no matter how well-considered.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 10/17 at 01:43 PM

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