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2006 02 09
kama reading series
Sanskrit term Ka'ma (kah'-mah') n. means wish, desire, enjoyment or love and embraces any form of enjoyment experienced through the senses--the scent of a lily, the sound of your favorite melody, and the awakening of new worlds through reading. So why not take your valentine to the 14th annual Kama Reading Series 2006 presented by World Literacy of Canada a 6 night venue of literary programming, wine and hors d'oeuvres. The Toronto Tribute on February 15th featuring poet Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, playwright Deanne Taylor, architect Eb Zeidler and designer Bruce Mau, each discussing what the city means to them list. All proceeds support World literacy of Canada's literacy and community development programs in Canada and overseas. The event is hosted at the Royal Ontario Museum and doors open at 6:30pm. The event began in January with a wine reception and will close in June with special author book signings, tickets may be purchased individually [$40.00] or as a series ticket package [$200.00]. So make it snappy, last year the sold out venue and left a hundred people on a waiting list.
[email this story] Posted by Jules Morielli on 02/09 at 05:02 AM

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