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2006 02 22
Joel Yatscoff
Joel Yatscoff grew-up in Beaumont, a French community in Alberta, Canada and graduated at University of Alberta in Edmonton with his Bachelor of Design with Distinction specializing in Engineering, Business and Marketing. Joel was recognized nationally and internationally throughout his post-secondary studies for his distinctive design solutions. These awards included two honours in successive years by the Japanese eyewear design competition "Opus Design Award" and in a collaborative entry (with Greg Ball) had their submission picked for production.
Frame Martini Glass, Joel Yatscoff, pressed glass for Bombay Sapphire Glass Design Competition 2006

Joel was selected from a field of over 400 to work as an intern at Karim Rashid Inc. in New York and later relocated to Toronto to work with industrial design consultants Miles Keller Design Associates [MKDA]. Most recently, Joel is debuting Bow, a landscape-based coffee table at the 2006 Toronto Interior Design Show. The prototype may be interpreted as reflection of the expansive Bow River found in the prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The river's purity is mimicked as its path rambles throughout the flat landscape. Yatscoff's design perspective is symbolic of the river as an aerial view, one idea that hopefully will progress into a collection of tables reflecting rivers from each major North American city.

Bow Coffee Table, Joel Yatscoff, powder coated steel, extruded aluminum 2004

Catch him at the upcoming Interior Design Show 2006, studio north as 1 of 12 designers in a juried section called ‘Prototype’. You can find more information on Joel Yatscoff and contact him .
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