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2006 11 20
Janet Rosenberg On Urban Beaches In T.O.

The Star's Christopher Hume did a story last week on Toronto's long awaited "Urban Beach" garden on the waterfront. The City of Toronto's web site offers this introduction to the project:
In June 2003 the design created by a team led by Janet Rosenberg & Associates Landscape Architects (Toronto) and Claude Cormier Architects Paysagistes Inc. (Montreal) was presented to and approved by the Economic Development and Parks Committee and City Council.

The Rosenberg/Cormier team also included Hariri Pontarini Architects, Sustainable Edge (Environmental Engineering), Beth Kapusta (Communications Consultant), William Greer (Heritage Advisor), Rina Greer (Public Art Consultant), Leni Schwendinger (Lighting Designer), and Janet Cardiff (Artist).

The Rosenberg/Cormier design known as HTO, is based on six elements or layers: ground planes, water, islands, expressive horticulture, lighting and beach furniture.

Like many in the city, we have long awaited the opening of Rosenberg & Co's urban beach. It is now schedule to open next spring.
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