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2005 09 16
Illegal Advertising
Likely Illegal


I have noticed that there are many discussions about visual clutter and the problem of unbridled advertising in the public realm.

From my perspective, there are at least a couple of ways to deal with the matter:

1. Keep talking about it and hope someone will listen through official channels

2. Make a phone call and demand that something be done through official channels

Here's how to engage option 2:

Notice in the first image, titled "Likely Illegal", that there is no company logo under the sign. This is usually because the sign has been posted illegally by someone who is profiting nicely from the fact that there are not enough officials to enforce the sign bylaw. In the second image, titled "Legal" you can clearly see the logo of the company affiliated with the sign.

When you see an advertising sign without a company logo, call the City signage bylaw enforcers, give them the location of the suspected illegal sign and demand that they take it down. I can't guarantee results - it is the City after all - but you'll certainly be closer to affecting change than waiting for the clutter to disappear on its own.
[email this story] Posted by Brad Golden / Lynne Eichenberg on 09/16 at 02:45 AM

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