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2006 02 07
Idea Bank - Organic Waste Recycling
Samantha Sannella: In-home Food Recycling

A clean solution for the 'green garbage' - a dehydrator - which turns food waste into a dry chipped/shredded substance that can be used for mulch to feed the garden. This machine - which I will call, 'The Green Machine', is installed into the sink - much like the 'garburators.' Food is chopped up by the garburator - then the compost is washed down to a tank - which is a dehydrator. When the dehydrator is full, it turns on and dries the chips. The moisture is siphoned off to the drain pipe on the sink's plumbing. The dry shredded chips are then sealed into a bag. You can store the bags for Spring garden feeding.

Image of the Leslie Street Allotment Gardens, Toronto
[email this story] Posted by Samantha Sannella / Design Exchange on 02/07 at 01:13 PM

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