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2006 02 06
Idea Bank - Bloodless Organic Flowers Grown On Tops of Warehouses
Idea Bank Series by Margaret Atwood

Given that:

• Pollution and pesticides are a problem
• Flowers grown in many countries have no pesticide standards
• More pollution is caused flying the flowers here
• There are many flat-roofed warehouses and business buildings
• Flat roofs heat up horribly
• More pollution is caused cooling the buildings in the summer
• Green roofs cut down on cooling and heating costs and thus cut pollution


Someone could make a nice business combining the installation of green roofs and the using of the space to grow organic local flower varieties. No good in winter, but the building would still benefit from improved insulation.

Once the roofs were in place, the building could actually rent the space for growing, thus profiting twice.
[email this story] Posted by Margaret Atwood on 02/06 at 11:55 AM

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