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2007 01 04
How Would You Improve The TTC Web Site?
The main page of the TTC site: An information architecture disaster?

On January 1st, Reading Toronto and other Toronto bloggers made a proposal to the Toronto Transit Commission Chair, Adam Giambrone.
We have a challenge and an offer for the TTC: Toronto bloggers are more than willing to offer their insights into how the TTC site might be designed (look at the reaction to a proposed route map). Why not give us a call and ask for our input. We'd be able to go to our readers for their ideas too. This makes sense to us and takes advantage of the "Wisdom of Crowds," phenomenon the Internet provides.

Well, we talked to Councillor Giambrone, and to his credit he likes the idea and has invited our (after all, you are Time Magazine's person of the year) input. Giambrone informed us that an RFP has already been issued for a redesign of the TTC web site. Our timing is right. We can influence the site's design and structure.

Here is our question to you: How would you improve the TTC web site? You can answer that question here, as a comment to this posting, or on any other of the Toronto blogging sites. Spacing.ca, Blogto.com, and Torontoist.com have also asked their readers for suggestions. In about two weeks we will review all the ideas and forward them to the TTC.

Our involvement won't end there. The bloggers will track how well the new TTC Chair responds to our suggestions and if we can make a positive difference to the way the agency connects with its users. This promises to be an epic journey. Stay tuned.

[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 01/04 at 02:35 PM

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