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2007 01 01
Happy New Year, Happy New Challenge For The New TTC Chairman

Happy New Year everyone! The contributors to Reading Toronto wish you all the best for 2007.

Last night Sarah and I decided to take the TTC to a friend's new year's eve party (remember, don't drink and drive). We did not know which bus to take from the Woodbine subway station so decided to do what many Net users would do - go online and find out. That seemingly simple task turned into an odyssey of navigating bad information design that defies the imagination. The TTC Internet site has to be the single worst information site found anywhere. It is a true embarrassment. Can you make any sense of this:


It took us about a half an hour to find the information we needed. We succeeded only after consulting the web site, getting a bus number, then calling the TTC Information Line. Can you imagine what the experience is like for foreign visitors to our city. No wonder tourism is down.

During the recent civic elections I met the TTC's new Chair, Adam Giambrone. He is bright, committed, and genuinely interested in making the city a better place to live. Adam, maybe the way the TTC connects with Torontonians is a logical place to start.

We have a challenge and an offer for the TTC: Toronto bloggers are more than willing to offer their insights into how the TTC site might be designed (look at the reaction to a proposed route map). Why not give us a call and ask for our input. We'd be able to go to our readers for their ideas too. This makes sense to us and takes advantage of the "Wisdom of Crowds," phenomenon the Internet provides.

WIll the new Chair take us up on our offer? Stay tuned.

[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 01/01 at 04:06 PM

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