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2005 11 07
Growth - Reprised

25 years ago I started photographing this "one tree". It stands in the middle of a farm field on the south edge of the Oak Ridges Moraine. Back then the suburbs were about 10kms. away. The 'burbs are now a concession road away. There is a golf course down the road, one of many that dot the moraine. A farmer told me that pioneers left these lone trees out in the middle of the field because they provided midday shade for lunch and a quick nap.

Is this field greenspace?

The truth is that there hasn't been real greenspace since before Confederation. Most developers continue to disregard terrain, watershed and wildlife. Profits dictate the levelling of hills, the filling in of streams and the destruction of trees. There are better solutions to housing our growing population. I just hope they are implemented before "one tree" becomes firewood.
[email this story] Posted by Chris Thomaidis on 11/07 at 03:13 PM

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