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2005 05 23
God save the Queen
I moved to Toronto in the summer of 1990. I'd spent three years at a Quaker Liberal Arts college in Richmond, Indiana (pop. 39, 124 souls).

For the first couple of months I lived in the basement of hospitable family friends at Eglinton & Oriole Parkway. After a lazy summer-long apartment search, I found a biggish one bedroom on Queen W. & Ossington, right above a hip used record store and right across the street from the Queen St. Mental Health Centre (just in case the grad school thing went squirrely).

I moved my stuff in one hot summer's day, at then end of which I drove back up to Oriole Pkwy in my beat to shit red Ford Pinto for a last family-style dinner.

I headed back downtown after dinner. As I pulled onto Queen across the street from my new digs, carefully parallel parking my ride, I glanced toward my front door. A man and a woman were transacting some unsavory deal in my very doorway. Strangely spooked, I decamped back to the safety of North Toronto and the safety of home & hearth.

The next morning I went back down to the hill took up residence at 1020 Queen St. W., Apt.1 and over days and weeks became just another denizen of the new new Toronto scene.

God save the Queen, I wasn't in Indiana anymore.
[email this story] Posted by Michael Anton Dila on 05/23 at 04:32 AM

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