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2006 01 25
Gau Designs - Montreal
Since its inception in June 1999 Montreal’s Gau Design's is a multi disciplinary design consulting firm that can create projects, follow it into production and procure final delivery. Their progressive and unique resume lists limited series editing, furniture design, styling and shape development including object design for limited or mass production. Not only that, they can provide research and development, architectural design services for interiors + exteriors, and commercial photography. Gau Design’s has participated in a number of SIDIM exhibitions + received an award of excellent at SIDIM 2005 – for their new product ‘the wireless bench table’. The group has even been worthy of a couple of grants from the Ministry of Economical Development and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Gau Design’s MU table designer Jean-Michel Gauvreau + Sidney Kristienson materials: sealed natural or stained hardwood or aluminum + transparent glass. When seen from above the four identical stackable pieces form a square and is a complete self-supporting structure. Presented at SIDIM 2000, Salon Domicilia Montreal 2003, 2004 new England Home Show, 2004 Scottsdale Home and Garden Show and Salon Habitation 2004.

Gau Design’s DZETA table designer jean-michel gauvreau materials: sealed natural or stained hardwood and transparent glass. Is an interesting contrast between the woods warm colours and glass. Award of excellence SIDIM 2002. See the website for superb detail shots.

Gau Design’s ZEN GARDEN SINK designer Jean-Michel Gauvreau and Luke-Etienne Gagnon materials: polished or matte sealed concrete in black, gray, natural or white is poetic and displays a clear sense of purpose. The garden space can function also as a storage area. Different configurations can be found on their website.

Their catalog of works is innovative and showcases a line of contemporary furniture components. Contact President + Director of Design at Gau Design's or catch them at the upcoming Interior Design Show 2006, Feb.23-26 at the National Trade Center in Toronto booth #SN-37
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