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2005 04 01
Future of the Hummingbird Centre
imageMilan, Paris, Amsterdam and numerous other cities throughout the world are looking to Toronto as the paradigm for how to create a harmonious and diverse society.

And yet Toronto’s reputation as a world leader in this all important area is being threatened by the rise of racism, discrimination and racial profiling.

The Hummingbird Centre plans to reinvent itself by building a new attraction dedicated to honouring the City’s diversity, designed by the world-renowned architect, Daniel Libeskind.

The focus of the proposed new development is to create a highly entertaining journey through the history of civilization using the prism of the arts to demonstrate that although the various cultures of the world (232 of which are in Toronto) enjoy distinct differences, they also have important similarities with and influences on each other.

“ArtsLab” is the new space in which this journey will take place. Using the unique concept of computer generated characters as the hosts, patrons will be guided through an entertaining and educational odyssey that will bring them closer to understanding that living in a multicultural society is full of wonder, excitement and possibilities.

The “Mainstage” will be programmed with numerous multicultural events in support of the ArtsLab philosophy.

The other planned facilities such as the themed dining experience of “TV Dinner” will offer video jukeboxes containing programming honouring our various cultures and Canada’s broadcasting heritage, “CyberSpace” will promote Toronto’s importance in the video-gaming and computer generated imaging industries, and the “CityLink” Concierge service will orient tourists to better enjoy the mosaic that is Toronto during their stay here.
[email this story] Posted by Dan Brambilla/Hummingbird Centre on 04/01 at 08:51 PM

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