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2005 12 15
Flickr Graph & the Visual Complexity of Social Networks
For anyone addicted to the conceptual depth of complexity theory, there's a must see web site, www.visualcomplexity.com. Take a look at the social networks page and drill down 'til you get to "Flickr Graph." If you have a Flickr account you'll love this tool.

"Flickr Graph is an application that explores the social relationships inside flickr.com. It makes use of the classic attraction-repulsion algorithm for graphs. The user starts exploring its contacts by entering their flickr username or email address, after which the network starts emerging around its own icon. One can also explore uploaded photos by any user present in the graph."

The Internet based social networks movement - as represented by Flickr - will have profound impact on urban planning. At least that's what Howard Rheingold says and I agree. On the down side, the recent riots in Sydney, Australia, were driven by cellphone based text messaging. Hold on to your hats! Over the next decade social networking is going to change our understanding of public and private identities and no one knows how cities will respond.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 12/15 at 10:59 AM

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