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2005 04 04
Five Things I Love About the Royal Ontario Museum - 5
imageI Love the ICC
The ICC is the Institute of Contemporary Culture and I’m its managing director. It will have a unique 6000 square foot gallery, with a ceiling that soars to 30 feet, on the top of Libeskind’s crystal addition.

Begun in 1989, the ICC bridges the historical collections of the ROM with what is happening now. Its intent says that little in the ROM, the things behind glass or on a pedestal, represent cultures that are dead. Cultures constantly evolve. While the ROM may look like history, the ideas it presents are those that drive society today. If that sounds over-the-top, another way of thinking about the ICC’s mandate is that it will be the place you’ll want to go to be surprised or provoked or amused or informed about powerful cultural issues, those that have global importance as well as local relevance. In other words, it will be worth a visit.

Contemporary art and architecture will be the language we use to discuss cultural issues. The works and ideas of artists and architects, especially those who you don’t see that often in Canada or in North America, will be part of our world on the top of the ROM.

The ICC gallery is right next to the ROM’s new bar and restaurant. En route to a drink or dinner with the best view of Toronto in town is not a bad place to be.
[email this story] Posted by Kelvin Browne / Royal Ontario Museum on 04/04 at 09:14 AM

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