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2005 03 31
Five Things I Love About the Royal Ontario Museum - 1
imageI Love the Stuff at the ROM
Dinosaurs and diamonds, shale and silk, the smallest this, the biggest that, the rarest of; I overlooked a lot of the world before I started to work at the ROM. It usually happens at lunch, or during a coffee break, when I’m walking through a gallery and something catches my eye. Who knew I was interested in bats, could find a beetle amazing or a pottery chip remarkable? Apparently, there are over six million objects in the ROM’s collection so I haven’t seen everything yet.

Read the stone carvings on either side of the ROM’s main doors and it sounds very proper: “The record of nature through countless ages” and “The arts of man through all the years.” The town’s leading citizens were determined to bring the wonders of the world to Toronto and had faith that Toronto would be the better for it.

I think these inquisitive, public-spirited museum builders had me in mind. What I noticed because it was inside the museum is what I see everywhere now. It’s as if someone told me all these things were important and I’ve finally heard them. I’m caring about the unexpected and often curious beauty of the world, again, just like I did when I was young.
[email this story] Posted by Kelvin Browne / Royal Ontario Museum on 03/31 at 09:51 AM

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