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2005 09 07
Economist’s Toronto
imageThe conservative business magazine "The Economist" finally introduced Toronto to its well heeled international readers. How does Hogtown fair? Not well. Don't misunderstand me. They rightly describe Toronto as one of the safest large North American cities. And, in case you've forgotten, we're multicultural too. What's the problem? We come off sounding more than a bit parochial. Did you know that at business meetings Torontonians don't usually give their business cards until after the meeting is over? No drinking at lunch meetings either. Ahhh, that explains so much. Be prepared for excessively cold winters and hot, humid summers too. We also have this funny relationship with the Queen.

Our cultural institution do well although the AGO seems to have been forgotten. The ROM, Casa Loma, Design Exchange, and Power Plant make the Economist's favourites list. Still, the city comes off as the tourist equivalent of going to your oral hygienist — you really have to go but . . .

[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 09/07 at 11:12 AM

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