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2005 04 02
Dundas Squared
imageThe Square is square, except for a triangle part cut off the north end of the Square, where the hypotenuse ("H" in the diagram below) sits:

The hypotenuse features a raised cement structure, on eleven cement pillars, that beautifully mimics the raw industrial aesthetic of of the Gardiner Expressway, using the same kind of cement pillars that are used to support automotive overpasses. This structure houses the vendors, the parking entrance, and washroom/changeroom entrances. By blending this automotive aesthetic at the busy street intersection, the urbeach welcomes the rhythym of traffic as part of its downtown look and feel.

The same urban industrialist aesthetic is beautifully carried out across the entire Square, with raw black granite slabs, stainless steel grilles, and Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) light stands.

The wonderfully raw cement and steel space creates a great backdrop for the one soft element: the fountains. By establishing this backdrop of harsh cement, granite, and steel, the splendour of the fountains is ampliefied tremendously,

Six small trees were recently planted, along the south edge of the Square, which I was afraid might excessively soften the wonderful hard industrial raw ``edge'' defined by the steel light stands. However, the trees are not so excessive as to take away from the urban feel of the place or shed too many leaves into the fountains.
[email this story] Posted by Steve Mann on 04/02 at 08:30 AM

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