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2005 03 30
Does Toronto need a new architecture journal?
imageToronto needs a journal on architecture that is, first of all, independent (and needs the arm’s-length funding to be so). It needs a journal that does not subscribe to celebrity culture. This journal would be concerned with critically analyzing the effects of globalization on the environmental culture of Canada and the Americas, and on the cultural context in which the architect operates. Therefore it has an interest in issues of budget, political process, landscapes of commodity, the local condition, but with a knack of ferreting out the significance of the unglamorous. It pursues the everyday, the utilitarian, unseen design, Pevsner's bicycle shed, the highway ramps beside 1920 rue Baile; and investigative, rather than access, journalism, to provide a story other than the Official version on more celebrated and familiar works. It would be Canadian design culture's Adbusters. It would be a journal involved in the reformation of a distinguishable cultural identity (Canadian, or that of any other country) in the face of globalizing pressure to become a colony of US corporate interests.
[email this story] Posted by Graham Owen on 03/30 at 08:00 AM

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