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2008 02 01
Does Bruce Mau’s Move From Toronto Say Something About The City? Part Two: Chicago
Given the miserable weather in Toronto today, I'm going to change this discussion away from Bruce Mau Design's internal operations, to the city he has chosen over ours. This entry is admittedly superficial—sorry, but I'm swamped with work, and this snow storm is not helping.

I visited Chicago a few weeks ago for the first time in years. If I were to describe the city in one phase it would be this: It is the only city I've been to where looking down on it from fifty stories resembles looking at a plan from an urban design studio exercise. Maybe that's one of the reasons Bruce chose to move his main office there—the city's centre is an ongoing, high-level design project. Following are a few images of the city including some from the very successful Millennium Park Project—Chicago's answer to unsightly railway yards (Toronto planners, are you listening??). Any city that can pull off a project like this one deserves our attention.

Chicago's famed Riverside Drive blends into the "Golden Mile"

The Navy Pier Amusement Park

Anish Kapoor's "Cloud Gate" sculpture—Millennium Park

Jaume Plensa's "Crown Fountain" reflecting pond in winter—Millennium Park
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