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2006 01 19
David Ross / Rebecca Duclos of Reading Montreal Interview NOMADE 5
Photo: Karnak Temple by Audijeep

RM: A theoretical question for you: Reading Montreal has three cheques in its hand for $1,000,000 to go to each of you. But the only stipulation is that you have to walk away from this place, walk away from NOMADE for two months and go to a city or town where you are not allowed to do any work related to the office. You have to study how your chosen destination operates. You can photograph and draw its spaces, visit its galleries, museum, and libraries - eat in its restaurants, crawl around in its sewers, mix with its nightlife, whatever you like… what place would you chose and why?

[MLa] Well, for me it’s a toss-up between two things: I’d love to go to Eygpt - to the place where architecture started, where so much of it began…or I would go somewhere where there is absolutely NO architecture - like maybe the middle of a jungle somewhere -in Costa Rica, maybe, or somewhere on the African continent.

Image: Roman Hotel Room, Lance Hayden

[JP] Well, for me it’s not fancy or even that exotic, but I would probably go to Rome. I’ve been there before, but if I had two months, I would take in the city one step at a time, all of it. You know you never have a chance to walk an entire city when you visit it for a brief period of time because it always seems to go by in a flash. I would walk it all. Old, new, everything, and really try to find the grain of the city. I would walk every single one of its streets. Or maybe I’d pick a relevant city like St. Petersburg or Venice and stay in every hotel in the city….

[MLe] Well, with a million dollars you could go to Venice for a few days and stay in a few hotels!

[MLe] It would be great to somewhere where you don’t have any references. That is getting harder to do now. Like, for example, we just came back from Pakistan and it is definitely someplace that was out there for us. But you know, when you come out of the airport and cross the street the first thing you see is a McDonalds. These situations are kind of travesties because they have nothing to do with their own culture, their own food, their own way of being. So maybe it would be interesting to go somewhere where you had no references and the culture is not McDonalds - like maybe Mongolia – and live in a tent. Yeah, Mongolia…. would be great because there is such a distinct lack of buildings there, people really do seem to live a nomadic life there.

Photo: Moniqca

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