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2006 01 17
David Ross / Rebecca Duclos of Reading Montreal Interview NOMADE 3

RM: If you could describe NOMADE as an animal what would it be?

N: It would be a beast, some sort of carnivore [everyone laughs] , like maybe a ferret – no, a wolf. No, how about an owl. Yes, an owl because they are always watching and going after what they want, thinking about what it is that they want, what is happening all around them. They are beautiful and they can be found on many different continents. And they are always considered to be wise, despite their age.

RM: You’ve just flown in from a business meeting abroad and meet a stranger at the airport whose flight is delayed until tomorrow. They have 24 hours to spend in Montreal until their plane leaves. Where in the city do you send them? What should they really see before taking off?
Jean Pelland [JP]
Michel Lauzon [MLa]
Martin Leblanc [MLe]

We would split his 24 hours here in three parts. Each of us would take care of him for eight hours.

[JP] I would invite him to my house in Outremount, he could come and see my kid. I would show him the intricate details of my neighbourhood, the fine grain of the city, I’d show him the cafes and shops around my place. Have a coffee maybe.

I would show him the nightlife in Montreal, some after hours club somewhere off the beaten path maybe somewhere shadey, a bit gritty.

[MLe] I would take him to the riverside park near my home in Verdun, a place that is like the old port, but not the old port. I’d show him this place because it is next to the water, and you can feel like you are not in a big city there--it is a kind of haven. Montreal has a lot of beautiful things to see, but I think for this 24 hour visitor, I’d want to show him something of the routine of the city. Like what happens in a neighbourhood - not somewhere typical like Mont Royal. I think it would be important to show the diversity of the city. This is because Montreal is not a formal city, its more about the people here than anything else.

NOMADE_Centre des femmes
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