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2007 01 25
Crazed Monkey Shreds Our TTC Spreadsheet - Ouch!
For those readers who have followed the TTC website challenge we put forth to TTC Chair Adam Giambrone, we have an update. We produced an Excel spreadsheet listing our readers' ideas from the four Toronto blog sites. It was designed for the TTC but some of our reader's asked for a link and we gave it to them. While that document worked for some people, Ian Stevens thought it could be better - and, of course, he was right.

Ian just didn't criticize and do nothing (how often do we have people tell us they can do something better than us and disappear, leaving nothing behind except their negative thoughts?), he did make it better.

Go to the new, improved version of the reader suggestions here.

Many thanks for this improvement Ian!

BTW Ian, could you post my comments to your original critique? Here it is for those of you who hate to follow links:

Hi Ian, thank you for your critiques of the spreadsheet I put together. First, my apologies for getting your URL wrong! There were so many postings to go through that, since this is not the only project I'm involved in, I had to do it during those hours I might otherwise do useful things like, say, sleep.

When I wrote "Easy to use" what I meant was that it takes a lot of information and organizes it in a graphical way - prioritizing it by the most desired recommendations to the least. According to the people who have looked at the document it succeeds in conveying that information in an "easy to understand" way.

The one anomaly was as follows: Many people offered web sites they thought were examples of how to do it right. Since they are references they were put in the first row and are highlighted by a darker border.

As to the website comments references being hard to understand, this is a function of time available. Still, everyone I showed the spreadsheet to understood the references so I did not commit any further time to making a legend. Remember, the spreadsheet was not originally meant for the greater community but when people asked for it we decided to make it accessible.

I think that the overall initiative generated some great input. I'd be happy to work with you Ian if you have the time to further enhance the document. As a volunteer effort we have all done something worthwhile that may just help make the city a little bit better.


Robert Ouellette
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 01/25 at 07:05 PM

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