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2005 04 05
imageInside the Robarts Library I perceive the Bank of Nova Scotia Information Commons. Under the protective aegis of the 20th Century War Lords, today's students pour their attention into the illuminated screens. They open their memories to the figures and figurations that they behold. How resilient these young minds are that such a tsunami of colour and connotation never saturates them; there is always room for more. There is no such thing as information bulimia. As for me, I'm not saying my mind is closed; the entryway to my imagination is merely out-of-date, like the hinged barroom doors in a cowboy movie -- the patrons could always hear when someone comes through, don't stop 'em necessarily, but have time to take cover..
[email this story] Posted by Jeanne Randolph on 04/05 at 08:22 AM

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