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2005 06 09
context Toronto

Context is all.
- Margaret Atwood

Toronto’s distinguishing natural and built landscapes of neighbourhoods, valleys and large green spaces, its fine-grained fabric of housing – are not always fully integrated with each other but together make a very liveable and lovely city. The City has the bones to continue to grow and evolve; there is much in and about the City to build on.

When it does, Toronto builds in a variety of idioms and styles. Irrespective of these, the most urbane construction is that which has its context (historical, social, physical) in mind – built on an extraction of what has already worked well. Context is more or less factual and less about nostalgia or the production of buildings and spaces evocative of an imagined or historical idea of the good life. Contextual construction has the distinct ability to be urbane, to contribute meaningfully to the evolution of the City.
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