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2005 07 19
Cities for Nomads
We've all seen them. Massive RVs that push through Toronto traffic dumping noxious exhaust over nearby pedestrians. A part of city living. But did you know that those RVs are changing our cities in a subtle but none-the-less significant way? Today's Globe and Mail has a story on how Walmart, RVs, GPS systems, and the Internet are creating new nomadic landscapes.

Most North-American cities have bylaws that restrict where RVs can park overnight - commercial parking lots are off limits. But there is a growing trend among RV owners to go from one Walmart parking lot to another on their travels. Some even have the location of every Walmart programmed into their onboard GPS systems. If a city tries to enforce the no parking ban, this growing community of RV nomads will take collective action and threaten to stop coming to that community. Since tourism dollars are critical to service based economies those threats have weight. A modern example of Network Effects? You decide.

See Walmartbound for more information on "Where Friends Meet." The above image is from that web site. Also see freecampgrounds, thatscamping, and walmartlocator

[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 07/19 at 11:09 AM

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