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2006 07 29
Canadian Design For Hot Weather
Summer seems to bring out the best in Canadian design. Maybe its because we spend the winter longing for the months where we don't need five layers of clothing to survive the ten minute walk to a local Beer Store. With night crashing down at 5:00 PM there is a lot of time for the creativity needed to solve some of life's great problems - or even the not so great. Come summer, we are ready to show the rest of the world what Canadians have been up to for the past 180 days or so. The Canadian Design Resource has a story about the "Scarborough Suitcase." It seems that back in the fifties Canadian inventor Steve Pasjack came up with the 12 pack design that included the tuck-away handle. Brilliant.

The retro Canadian design look is back and Steam Whistle Breweries, a great Toronto institution, has its own version of the Pasjack design. It's hot outside so why not go to a Beer Store and do some design research of your own.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 07/29 at 02:07 PM

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