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2006 09 01
Cabin Designs: Too Cool For Canada?
Buddington Bear by the Loyal Loot Collective
Coat Hang by the Loyal Loot Collective

One of our favourite Canadian design collectives is the aptly named "Cabin Group" from Motherbrand.

Using the tag-line of "The Cabin Project: Canadian Designers Re-Imagine The Myth Of The Cabin," their web site offers examples of some of the most beautiful, well, call it Canadiana if you must, design objects around. They even have a manifesto of sorts:
The cabin speaks to the particularly Canadian mythology of wilderness. Occupying a unique space between imagined reality and lived reality, it remains one of our most enduring icons. The cabin project invites Canadian designers to re-imagine this myth.

We can't begin to cover all of their products here, but take a moment to visit the Cabin Group web site. It is worth it. Imagine a Algonquin canoe trip compressed into five minutes. You get the idea.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 09/01 at 12:16 PM

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