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2007 01 10
Building the ROM Crystal - Status 33 - Wrapping

I was able to take a few minutes yesterday morning to tour the streets and walkways bordering the ROM's Crystal. As readers of this site probably know by now, I'm a strong supporter of the building for a whole host of reasons. So, my bias towards the Crystal has to be the background against which this next comment is placed.

The experience of looking at the building and, more importantly, the entire museum precinct, was one of the most profound architecturally inspired moments I've had since standing on the edge of the Thames opposite the Tate Modern in London. Anyone who has been there can appreciate the reference. The combination of the new Royal Conservatory of Music building, the Gardner Museum, the Crystal, and Philosopher's walk have achieved a cohesive synergy that I did not expect.

Right now there is only a glimpse of the potential. I could be criticized - rightly so - for wanting to see something that might not be there. But for a moment yesterday, while I stood just west of the Crystal watching the construction workers as they balanced on their skewed ladders, the context gelled. I could see what this place is going to look like when the street amenities are done and visitors add their warmth to the place. It will be one of the city's great public spaces. It will also be one of Canada's must-see destinations. And that, as impresarios everywhere can tell you, is a good thing for the city.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 01/10 at 05:26 PM

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