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2005 06 01
Building the ROM Crystal - Status
The ROM Crystal continues to evolve. Readers of the Globe and Mail will have seen today's story by John Barber, "Between a Crystal and a Glass Place." Barber compares and contrasts the ROM's heavy looking steel structure with the glass facade of the Four Seasons Centre now nearing completion down the road at University at Queen. While I normally agree with Barber's opinions on the city this time his argument is a bit specious. Where was he when the heavy concrete and steel structure of the Four Seasons was going up? Both buildings have seen their share of positive and negative comments. But what it comes down to for us is this. The buildings represent two different approaches to civic architecture in the 21st century. We no longer live in an age where there is one right way of looking at the world. Thankfully. Have you ever seen those Stalinist cities in Eastern Europe? To suggest that a minimal aesthetic that dares to be "ordinary" is more worthy of praise than an aesthetic that tests our understanding of convention is absurd. The important point to remember is that both projects are being built and, in the end, Toronto will be a better place for having them.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 06/01 at 11:48 AM

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