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2005 04 01
Blackout - 2
imageIt was a beautiful night to wander around causally meeting neighbors and on porches for the first time. Backyard bbq’s seemed to be open for friends to drop in and linger. We were all in the same place at the same time…without power and electricity. I liked this energy.

I wandered along College Street to Teatro. Its patio was packed and dimly lit in candlelight. In Trinity Bellwods Park there was an impromptu rave. People gathered to listen and dance to drums and DJs who powered by car batteries.

For the first time, I experienced a starry country night sky in the city. Everything seemed quiet and relaxed. There was little one could do than to submit to the chaos and enjoy it.

Would it be such a bad thing if we just shut things down for a day every summer?
[email this story] Posted by Arriz Hassam on 04/01 at 08:48 AM

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